Good for the Canadian Gander, Too Good for the Goose

Screen shot 2014-10-05 at 7.39.09 PM


Point 33 from Players v CSA/FIA.


  1. No more needs to be said. Interesting I commented on another article on this subject – by Carrie Dunn – and a sexist – Darryl h lets name and shame him – said Wales’ men had to play a Euro 2016 Qualifier in Andorra on turf and if men have to play on fake turf so should women. First of all it was a qualifier NOT the finals.. Secondly Wales weren’t happy and the manager of Arsenal was furious when his team’s best player got injured on it. Thirdly Andorra shouldn’t be in the Euro 2016 Qualifiers anyway as I’ll blog about tomorrow. And fourth – and here’s the clincher. I’ve replied to him with a question: If Canada bids for – and wins – the rights to host the 2026 men’s WC would it be played on turf? Of course it wouldn’t. And that is sexist (I know you ignore sexist replies to your blog but if I see one on the internet I have to reply. I wonder if Darryl h will post a reply to my comment).And have you had any sexist comments on the 2015 WC turf issue?

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