Whither Toronto?

Point 81, in the law suit filed by women players against the Canadian association and FIFA.

One of the mysteries of the decision to play Women’s World Cup matches on turf is why one would need to, when there are existing alternatives, like BMO Field in Toronto. Not one Women’s World Cup match is currently scheduled in Toronto, even though it has a great option in BMO—located right in the heart of the city. It’s downright bizarre.

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  1. Supposedly the reason that Toronto isn’t hosting any of the Women’s World Cup games is because the Pan Am Games are also being held there in the summer of 2015. (BMO Field is going to be a rugby venue.) The dates of the two events don’t actually overlap, though, and I’m not sure how much time they’d need to change over the stadium from rugby to soccer. I’ve also heard that the organizers just didn’t want to have a competing event in the same city, and/or that the city wasn’t interested in hosting WWC games, but I don’t know if any of that is actually true. Regardless, it sucks that Toronto isn’t going to be part of the WWC. (And don’t get me started on the ludicrous decision to play the games on turf…)

  2. BMO is scheduled to host 2015 Pan American rugby sevens games and final on July 11/12. Not sure if any other Pan Am events are scheduled there during dates of WWC 2015.

  3. Yes: that’s the thing. WWC play starts June 6. Opening matches, for instances, could be in Toronto. Makes. No. Sense.

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