This is what the fight against sexism looks like!

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Click on the link below to access the actual complaint filed by women players against Canada’s FA and FIFA. Seems like a pretty clear case to me—but then again, the Laws of the Game define women as a debilitated group for whom all aspects of the game might be adjusted to address their limits. It’s actually written into the FIFA bible: Women are like children and old men. The World Cup could be played in 15 minute segments and that would be totally legit.

Players v CSA and FIFA


  1. By all logic they should win. If the laws of football clash with the laws of a country surely the later should win. This was the case in the 1995 Bosman case when the transfer rules of football were in conflict with EU law and they had to change them. Blatter still thinks football should be exempt from EU law. How arrogant. What I’m wondering is how much this will cost FIFA/CSA if they defend it. Probably less than it would to get rid of the turf in the first place!

  2. My mistake. I meant to write “more” not “less”!

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