On Holly Holm Giving Us What We Need

Jeffrey Gibson, What We Want, What We Need (2014).

Jeffrey Gibson, What We Want, What We Need (2014).

Holly Holm picked Ronda Rousey apart. An undefeated fighter is there to be defeated. We root for the upset. We relish the agony, the dark thrill of watching the takedown of a champion. We need someone who can knock the stuffing out of the hype. That’s what we got. It’s what we wanted, and what we needed.


  1. Kira O'Reilly says:

    Misha Tate’s upset of H. H. merits as much discussion, but for some reason isn’t receiving it. I wonder why. In many ways her tenacity, her pioneering of the sport and her extraordinary mindset that recovers, retrieves and eventually victors makes for a fascinating story. Is it that she is less charismatic and because she has been around for so long, active in the upper echelons of womens MMA FC’s is somehow less fascinating? I don’t know. I am just very struck by her career, her resilience and her mindset.

    • I agree! Why does Rousey have to orient all discourse on women’s MMA? If she’s not in the ring — there’s no story? Folks can only handle one “star” at a time? Or a two women in one rivalry, but not multiple women in competition with each other? Is it that??

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