Sexism and Science Blogs; Sexism and Sports Blogs

There is a sports version of the problem described her by science reporter Emily Graslie. Everything she says here is why I rarely cross-post on mainstream sports sites. Sexism throws an extra layer of bullshit into your sports-writing life when you venture into that terrain. And it wears you down.


  1. Hey. As you look at sexism and sport, specifically in the context of football/soccer, I was wondering if you could look into and write about the situation on English Wikipedia regarding the naming of articles about national teams where women’s article names and men’s articles names are not. This has become a particularly problematic issue as seen at and and . The issue has wider implications than Australia because of the systemic issues regarding article names for all sports and in multiple countries.

  2. I hear ya Jennifer! Which is why I avoid mainstream sites where possible. Or at least avoid reading the comments.

    Laura, the Wikipedia articles on women’s and men’s football in Australia have always bothered me but I don’t know where to start. If something came via the FFA would it help??

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