Boxing v Beating

Boxing is as much about not being hit as it is about hitting. Minus its defensive art, a fight is not boxing but a beating. Unless you are a psychopath, beatings are not fun to watch. Not even in the movies.

Boxing is what Mayweather does in the ring; beating is what he does out of it.

What is the different spectacle that an audience longs for when it yawns over the grind of boxing’s defensive arts? It longs for the beating to beat the boxing.

Neither Mayweather nor Pacquiao are friends to women. The spectator who longs to watch Mayweather take a beating in the name of the women he has hurt is not a friend to women either.


  1. It only cost £19.95 to watch in the UK but I wouldn’t pay to watch (Or even watch it for free!). These two guys are like the two who want to be the UK’s Prime Minister – one might be the lesser evil but neither of them are good.
    And of course Mayweather’s mob banned two women(significantly) for asking him about his behaviour. The only good thing about this is that more people have seen him for what he is. The UK press hadn’t mentioned this before but in a country where a lot of people think a convicted rapist should have been allowed back into football that is not a surprise.

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