America Out: Keynote for Sport/Spectacle 2018

I am giving a lecture today (Sept 14) at this dreamy conference in London. Below are links to video I’ll show during the talk and to work by artists I reference. After the lecture, I’ll revise and expand this post.

My keynote experiments with thinking about war, resistance and art which engages sports. The talk is centered on the work of Riyas Komu, but I make passing references to Joe Sola and to Adrìa Julìa’s work, especially. Adrìa has been working with the history of the Barcelona Dragons, a World League football team, and with the material practice of filming sports and movement more generally.

World League helmet cam

Adrìa Julìa, Hot Iron Marginalia

Joe Sola, St Henry Composition

AFC Asia Cup Final — Goal

George Bush campaign ad (“Victory)

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